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How long does it take to complete a typical 3D Render project?

A project with 8-12 visualisations takes approximately 6-8 weeks including information collection, production & revisions. 

The most significant factor affecting timeframes is information availability. Engaging a 3D rendering company too early, when the design is still being developed, will cause delays and unexpected fees.

For fast & easy workflow, ensure you have all information available before the 3D Render production process starts.

What information do we require to create the 3D Renders?

3D photographs of incomplete architecture require a lot of detailed information to create a highly-photorealistic image. That includes the basics like floor plans & cabinetry elevations, finishes & materials, as well as smaller things like cornices, door handles or lights on the balcony.

Below is an essential list of files we require to begin work on a 3D render project:

  1. Architectural Plans

  2. Landscaping Plans

  3. 3D Model

  4. Exterior & Interior schedule of finishes

  5. Schedule of Inclusions

Contact us if you are unsure you have all the required files. We are happy to go through the documentation and determine what is missing.

How much do 3D Renders for off-the-plan property marketing cost?

Depending on the size, location, and chosen marketing channels, there are minimum requirements for 3D renders, and budgets can vary significantly. 

We recommend the following base renders for all projects:

  • Exterior Render - What the development will look like within the surrounding environment.

  • Standard Interior Package - Showing potential buyers what the interior space will look like, (kitchen/dining, living/outdoor balcony or courtyard & bathroom)

Having completed more than 250 client projects, the following recommended image quantities & budgets apply to the majority of developments:

  • Low Density = 3-5 renders starting from $10,000

  • Medium Density = 7-18 renders starting from $20,000

  • High Density = 20-40 renders starting from $50,000

We believe that quality must always prevail against quantity. Emotive photorealistic 3D visualisations not only create an up-market feel for your project but can also increase click-through rates for your marketing campaigns.

What is a typical process for a 3D Rendering project?

Each project is completed in three steps:

  1. Information Collection - we gather all information about the project. This also includes a Project Briefing where we establish the visual direction for the images. We also discuss lighting & styling to match the project's location and target demographic.

  2. Camera Angles - we will provide 4-6 view options for every image along with our own recommendations. You'll have an opportunity to pick an angle that best represents your development.  

  3. Previews & Revisions - after we present the first preview, you'll have 2x rounds of revisions to fine-tune your designs and finalise the image.

How to choose a 3D Rendering Studio?

There are a lot of 3D rendering studios in Australia & overseas. However, not all of them have the resources & capability to create highly emotive, off-the-plan property marketing images.

While most 3D rendering companies have one person working on the image from start to finish, property marketing images require specialised people from other industries such as interior designers, photographers and marketing experts. 

Having a diverse team working on each image ensures that all aspects of a 3D render (angle, lighting and interior design) work well together and suit the specific project. We recommend asking your provider who will be working on your images.

For projects with a budget $10,000 or higher, we recommend working with a company who employs multiple 3D artists, as well as dedicated client managers or project managers to ensure each project runs smoothly.

Lastly, be wary of companies offering discounted 3D property marketing images. If you are quoted less than $2,000 per image, it is likely that all images are produced by 1-2 people who may not be able to complete your project within a reasonable timeframe. This is also a sign that the work could be outsourced to overseas studios. While we do not see anything wrong with overseas 3D artists, they need to understand the Australian residential market, including general design language and marketing trends.

Why pick Kakito?

We specialise in off-the-plan property marketing. We've assembled a diverse team of specialists from the world of 3D, interior design, architecture, and photography to create compelling, vibrant, marketable 3D renders.

Each of our images leverages the expertise of 4-6 people during the design process. This includes 3D modellers, 3D artists, interior designers, creative directors, project managers, and client coordinators, all making sure that the best possible image is being created for you.

All client communication happens via on-line whiteboards with easy-to-use tools so you can provide clear feedback. You'll be able to track your project, from start to finish, with on-image comments and visual status updates. 

As an established, highly systemised business, with detailed, well-documented processes for each task, we always deliver on our promised deadlines. Whether you need 5 images or 50.

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