November 12, 2018
Product Rendering
completion time
2 Weeks

01. The Challenge & Solution

T The biggest challenge here was to put a large number of small products into one arrangement. So we had to design everything so that it did not look overwhelming, but also to put everything on one main 3D visualization – hero image. It took us a while, but the final effect of provencal kitchen is impressive, as our returning customer told us.

Creating an entire arrangement allows you to place many smaller products in it. Thanks to this, you have connected things that you can easily put in a catalog or on a website. According to our customers, it is their favorite way to present entire product series in one go.

“If you care about the deadline, send us the all necessary information immediately and quickly answer to our question and sent test renders. This way we can help you quickly.”
– Ola Mielniczuk

02. Final Renders


Remember that using a large arrangement to put your other products in it is a great way to main 3D product visualization. This is a good starting point for later, smaller close-ups of these products, and in this way the whole thing looks very consistent.