November 2019
Interior 3D Visualization
Ocean Kitchen
completion time
2 Weeks

01. The Challenge & Solution

T The challenge here was to design an interior that would bring out the beauty of this kitchen. Yes, you read that right – in addition to visualizations, we also design arrangements for various needs – mainly to show products under appropriate conditions.

The main product here is kitchen furniture, but how to sell it well in makreting?
Of course, embedding in the interior arrangement ideally suited to the requirements – both of customers and the characteristics of the furniture.

Together with the client, we discussed their personas of potential clients and on this basis we determined the character of the interior. Only after such a plan do we start any work strictly on visualizations.

“If we create arrangements for products presented in visualizations, we penetrate the persona of your potential customers.”
– Patryk Arendt

02. Working Process


As always – we start work on the visualizations by establishing a plan, and then we go to search for the best possible shots, we always send a few possible shots for each render.

At this stage, of course, we are working on white renderings, like the ones above. It’s a great way to get ahead and use your time wisely – we know you have your deadlines and we take care of it!


03. Final Renders


If you have to remember something from this project, please remember this one – your product always needs to be set in the right conditions and shown to the right people.

Actions carried out in this way definitely increase your sales.